Inside the Mind of an Expectant Father… Part 3


Having confirmed the inevitable arrival of Leo (Twin A) and Samara (Twin B), it was the turn of anxiety and extreme happiness to take full control of my mind. Wait, I knew I had some little background on mental health, but all this time, it did not click to me that my stress level had […]

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Where do good lost memories go?


Verily verily, I am perturbed. The more I try to gather my memory, the more I lose it. Sounds insane but this is a reality I’ve strained to come to terms with ever since I felt my being. Lots of things happen in one’s life but not all these things enjoy the privilege of memory. […]

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It Shall be Well


It’s human nature to hope for a better tommorow. A tommorow you can be proud of. But pride is notorious, notorious for all the bad events that succeed it. My old man would say that pride is a bad omen because of the swift speed at which failure follows. Every happening, whether good or bad, […]

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I’ll tell Daddy


The sound of a wild dove early in the morning wasn’t just a wake-up call. It was more. It meant that I was still a child and could not just do things. My freedom was limited. I had to consult Dad, the master of everything at the time. That’s typically the life of most children, […]

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Inside the mind of an Expectant Father… Part 2


My mind was preoccupied with two main questions. Could it be a baby boy? Or could it be a baby girl. I started imagining the kind of a Dad I would become. In one instance, I pictured myself playing with a baby girl, going round the mall shopping for appropriate clothings and toys. In another […]

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