Mothers, Motherly … Are all we’ll ever and forever want

Today I look at the past,

The present, and I try to project, the future,

All I see is a motherly atmosphere,

Fulfilled by the beautiful women,

Who gave us life, and continue to show us how to live,

They saw us through our infant-hood and toddler-hood, and hopefully forever,

For sure we have no secret to keep from them, But I’m pretty sure they have a lot, kept from us,

To protect us from the dangers of this unforgiving world,

Or just to hide the struggles they went through,

Bringing us to this world and raising us,

It doesn’t matter one’s age, every individual needs a mother,

Even as grown-ups, the void for a motherly feeling,

Always yearns to be filled,

We celebrate you today and every day,

To some us, our mothers are long gone,

To the land of no return,

They left us without notice, but their prayers and values instilled in us,

Have kept us going,

Nonetheless, someone has always volunteered to play their part,

Hail to all those mothers and mother figures,

Who continue to mother us after our mothers are long gone,

Hail to you all, mothers and mother figures,

We may have disappointed you,

In one way or the other,

But you never have gave up on us,

Only you can do that repeatedly,

The reason why you are special,

We need you by our side, forever.

Waga © 2021

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